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mercoledì, Ore 9.00 - 11.00,   Palazzo di Lettere, piano Terra, stanza T13
Nel periodo di lezione, il ricevimento si tiene con cadenza settimanale nel giorno e nell'orario sopra specificato, ma comunque previa prenotazione via email ( o telefono (339/2197377). Nel resto dell'anno e' possibile concordare un appuntamento anche in giorni e orari differenti.
During the teaching term, office hours are as indicated above, however, students should book an appointment in advance via email ( or phone (339/2197377). In other periods it is still possible to make an appointment.



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The IRC-GloCoPos is an international research hub that fosters global and comparative policy studies on the education and learning of adults. Policy studies involve the systematic examination of the nature, cause and effects of public statements and meaning-making processes behind them.
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Education Policy Policy studies on the education and learning of adults have originally borrowed from comparative education an understanding of what a comparison is (i.e., country-to-country) and how comparative scholarship can benefit policy work (i.e., by learning from other national experiences). Such methodological approach is grounded on the conception that a policy is the resultant of a polity or particular system of government that constitutes the political setting for a policy, which results from stable relations among political administrative institutions, societal processes, and cultural adherence to certain rules, believes etc. (i.e., each country has a unique and geographically bounded polity). But since the education and learning of adults has gained new momentum in public and private policy under the ‘lifelong learning regime’, policy researchers around the world have increasingly recognized that policy work that affects the education and learning of adults is also influenced by intergovernmental organizations like the European Union (EU) or the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), just to mention the most researched among inter-states organizations. Some research also raised attention to the role and contribution of under-researched inter-states organisations like the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and of international or regional non-governmental organizations that lobby and get involved in transnational policy making. Whereas work by international and non-governmental organizations, together with that of financial institutions, tend towards conditioning and/or exerting control over states’ decisions about the education and learning of adults, research also shows that the manoeuvring of states and their capacities to influence the work of these organizations varies extensively, depending on country-specific socio-economic conditions and international affiliations, among other factors. Research by the Centre will deepen knowledge on all of the above phenomena. EDUCATION - EDUCATION
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ENLIVEN - Encouraging Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive and Vibrant Europe 01/10/16


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